Inbound outsourcing call center

Timeforsupport could be an inbound call center for your business if other services are not interesting for you. Incoming calls could be regarding product support information, pre/post sales inquiries, change/cancellation requests, complaints, etc. Nowadays, companies cannot afford to overlook customer satisfaction; therefore, they are more focused on improving their customer support services. Your customer’s calls will be handled by trained inbound call center agents, who are adept at providing such information and resolving queries. 

We understand there are no companies alike. Every business model and company is unique, and its customers have specific requirements. That’s why our inbound call service doesn’t offer standard solutions. We develop a particular approach and training for agents to matching your industry.

You can be sure that agents managing incoming calls will provide your visitors with correct information and suggest the most relevant solution to their problems.

Lead generation call center service

Lead generation is all about finding potential customers who have an interest in your product. Otherwise, you’ll likely find yourself holdup and resources when trying to form sales. Lead generation strategies are designed to assist you cut down the list of potential sales leads, whether your business is B2B or B2C.

For sales representatives to continuously close sales, there must be a gradual influx of quality leads. In addition, the sales team can’t always generate new leads, especially if they’re too busy trying to shut existing sales opportunities. That’s where call center lead generation services can make a difference in an exceedingly sales team’s ability to extend a conversion rate.

We have agents specially trained to pre-qualify potential prospects by identifying qualified individuals from an inventory of candidates. Our dedicated team is efficient at working through current and old lists to search out stagnant and non-engaged shoppers who may well be viable prospects for the sales team. We can also create new lead lists that match the parameters you’ve got for your prospects

B2B call center

When it comes to B2B phone sales, sometimes the price and quality of a product are not key for your potential customers. What they really care about is an amazing pre and post-sales experience with your company. For sales representatives who use the strategy of B2B calling, it is crucial to build invaluable relationships with prospects. Here the sales team plays a critical role: they need to know the services and products entirely, as well as what makes them special and unique among the competitor’s companies. 

Small, medium, and large businesses rely on Timeforsupport when they need to find a professional outbound B2B call center.  Our B2B call center representative who knows a perfect balance about B2b services understands customers’ needs and ensures satisfaction! Using Timeforsupport B2B call center offer, you will see the hidden potential of the market.

  • We offer the following B2B call center options:
  • B2B appointment scheduling;
  • Cold colls B2B;
  • Lead generation B2B;
  • Follow up B2B calls.

Сhat operators & Live chat support

Live chat support is an efficient tool for all types of businesses. Call center chat helps make a more personal connection with customers, allows support teams to anticipate questions, and offer help when and where customers need it.

There is a bunch of business advantages for adding live chat into the support mix or use it as a single solution for your company. Chat support will help you to reach few goals that might include helping the company scale customer support operations; better meet SLA, such as reducing wait time or first-reply time; proactively solving customer issues and problems before they arise, or reducing the statistic of abandoned shopping carts on e-commerce websites.

Websites without a chat are like brick-and-mortar stores without a shop assistant. Start a chat with your visitors and turn them into happy customers using Timeforsupport. As usual, we will also help you to find the best third-party chat software and set up all processes.

Outsource cold calling services

Call support is still the most important and useful touchpoint for customers. Timeforsupport understands this and wants to give your customers an excellent experience. In the beginning, it starts with a friendly rep, easy to understand, and someone who will connect with your customer. We provide a unique approach for each customer and understand that every company is no alike and has individual requests and requirements.

Our agents are trained to not only resolve customer’s current issue, but also further downstream problems. You also can expect our help in making a training document, workflow, scripts, etc if you don’t have one already. We understand that call center outsourcing is amongst the most important decisions that you will take and intend to be a true partner.

Outsource sales calls & Telemarketing services

We also provide outsourcing telemarketing services, which can help your business improve and build closer client relationships. Our telemarketing call outsourced support will certainly meet your individual requirements to the fullest. We are able to turn your prospects into regular ones, increase your conversion rate and revenue through our qualified outbound telemarketing services, and create effective sales leads.

Once you decide to outsource telemarketing to us, we perform an analysis of specific methods of your niche to provide detailed information about issue solutions, your customer’s needs, and satisfaction level. Afterward,  we also provide you with your personal telesales representatives to improve customer relations and create strategies to address the most critical clients’ issues.

We provide integration and training for each project, monitor the results, and provide quality checks for each agent and for a team as well.

Outsourcing e-commerce & Pre/post-sales support & Order taking service & Shipping and order tracking & Upgrades and cancellations

To increase conversion rates, become more popular, and get more customers – it’s necessary to have a professional pre-sales team.

Pre-sales support and post-sales support is often overlooked, but crucial for E-commerce and SaaS companies with complex sales processes with no salesperson involved. For these types of offerings, pre/post-sales support can significantly improve sales conversion as well as client satisfaction.

Timeforsupport can provide you with such an option before the training process is started our professional, highly educated team will go through, triage, and review existing information and create individual training materials for our support representatives.

Email support outsourcing

Email Support is one of the most frequently used channels of communication between customers and service providers and is considered a mission-critical service offering. 

Email support is convenient for customers because it has an option for asynchronous communication: the customer can send an email message at their convenience, and the company responds as quickly as it’s able. Your customers do not have to wait on hold or endure an inconvenient or aggravating phone conversation. Email support also provides a “paper trail” for both customers and companies, enabling them to manually track issues, quality and refer back to prior parts of a conversation.  

Timeforsupport gives you the possibility to hire professional support representatives, which will help you to set-up an email support system, and write scripts, workflow and handle each interaction on a daily basis within  SLA agreement.