On this page we have tried to answer Frequently Asked Questions for our Outsourcing Company in as much detail as possible.

What are your operating hours? 

We are flexible and can provide any schedule for project requirements, 24/7/365, 24/5/365, business hours, outside your business hours, etc. 

Where are you located? 

Our in-house office located in Kyiv, Ukraine.

How long does it take to start operating my services with time for support?

It depends on a project; in general, the onboarding process takes approximately 2-4 weeks, depending on project complexity. 

What languages do you support?

Our main course is English support; we do also provide German, French, Italian. We are open and ready to give you a custom solution we can quickly hire and train other languages customer support representatives. 

What support technologies do you use?

Our customer support representatives are familiar with the most popular customer support software: Zendesk, Talk.to, Freshdesk, LiveChat, Salesforce, Trello, Slack, HelpScout. Timeforsupport can also work on any custom tool or software that you use.

How do you ensure data safety?

Timeforsupport does care to secure data and has implemented following security measures to keep your customer info secured:

  • -access to essential systems via biometrics;
  • -CCTV cameras outside and inside the office;
  • – bank-grade firewalls and security systems protect systems and servers.
  • -all employees undergo thorough background and reference checks before being hired. Additionally, all of them sign non-disclosure agreements.

Can I get statistic data weekly?

Yes, Timeforsupport can send you the call recordings, timesheets, interactions quantity, etc. on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Would we be allowed to participate in hiring new members of our team?

Yes, you’re welcome to participate in the hiring process.

Can you use and follow my customer support script?

We are open and appreciate following your special requirements to scripts, the way how to handle customer’s queries, and your instructions.

Who is responsible for the training process, and can we participate and control training sessions?

For each new project, we assign an onboarding manager, who goes through all training materials and train a team. Before the training, we do share all information with our clients and ask their approval to start it. Timeforsupport is also open to provide shared training for agents, all details we can discuss before the agreement is signed.

How do you assess and monitor training?

The onboarding manager is responsible for training preparation and provision. A training plan and schedule have to be prepared before the training start.

During the training period, management representatives (both company’s and Client’s management) can join any training session and get feedback from agents.

After each training, all agents have a test (knowledge, calls, chats, navigation in the systems, etc.) based on their results the Onboarding Manager decides whether the team is ready to go live or maybe some agents need to get additional sessions and perform tests one more time.

How do you price?

It depends on many factors, here are some of them: language, type of service(shared, dedicated, semi-shared), operating hours, a number of interactions. Please contact us to discuss and find a custom solution.

Do you have any hidden fees or charges?

We do not have any hidden charges or fees. We do not cover telecommunication costs and money transfer fees.

Can I engage your service only for the short term?

Yes. We are happy to work with you in the short and long term agreement. Please contact us to discuss your requirements, and we will find a custom solution for your business.

Do you provide a free onboarding period?

Yes, free onboarding is included in all pricing plans.

What does your pricing include?

  • -Recruitment and hiring process;
  • -Agents onboarding;
  • -Training provision and assistance;
  • -Technical integration;
  • -Schedule management for 24/7 coverage;
  • -Agents’ management assistance;
  • -Monthly or weekly reporting; 
  • -An agent’s substitution in case of quitting or if you’re not satisfied with the specialist;
  • -Vacations and sick-leaves.