FAQ Group: Technical questions

Technical questions

What support technologies do you use?What support technologies do you use?

Our customer support representatives are familiar with the most popular customer support software: Zendesk, Talk.to, Freshdesk, LiveChat, Salesforce, Trello, Slack, HelpScout. Timeforsupport can also work on any custom tool
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How do you ensure data safety?How do you ensure data safety?

Timeforsupport does care to secure data and has implemented following security measures to keep your customer info secured: -access to essential systems via biometrics; -CCTV cameras outside and inside
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Can I get statistic data weekly?Can I get statistic data weekly?

Yes, Timeforsupport can send you the call recordings, timesheets, interactions quantity, etc. on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
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Would we be allowed to participate in hiring new members of our team?Would we be allowed to participate in hiring new members of our team?

Yes, you’re welcome to participate in the hiring process.
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