3 Main functions of each customer support team

The role and functions of the support team are often overlooked, and we can say that a large number of companies do not use the CSR’s potential in full. After you read this article, you will change your thoughts and become use your support team more efficiently. 

Qualified and experienced support has three major functions for your company and customers:

It is the face of your company.

Whenever the customer needs help or has some feedback, the first person who will take care of him, it is a customer support representative. Based on the communication with the support team, all customers will have a conclusion about the company in general and decide whether they trust and ready to cooperate with it or find other providers. 

Timeforsupport understands that and provides two weeks of training for each CSR regarding the basics of support, customer psychology, escalation process, and how to satisfy each type of client. It gives us the confidence to say that our representatives are not robots who are using scripts. Whenever some kind of unexpected situation happened, they know how to find a custom solution and make your client happy.

Eliminate and solve customer problems.

It is the main reason and well known function of each support department. Here we will talk about common mistakes which usually happened with all support centers:

-long response time; Clients are not ready to wait, and we understand that, and we know that each case is urgent and important for us.

-First resolution absence. Customers, they usually not aware of what is the backend system and how long and complicated it will be to solve their request. Whenever CSR’s give some basic phrases within 24h, two business days or ASAP, it makes customer thinking that he is not essential and feel that he spoke to a robot on the other side.  

-Empty promises. Not experienced support team usually whenever faced an issue which is not in a flow and customer are mad, pushing, asking about the solution here and now, often give empty promises or some exceptions which are not possible to implement.

Getting feedback and share it with the developer/management team.

The support team knows the best of all other where are weak sides of each system/project, where is a gap between platform and developers, where the customers have difficulties, and what modules or processes need to be improved.

Timeforsupport is an outsourced customer support company, which takes into account above mentioned role, and our team leaders and account managers always in communication with our client. Weekly or monthly share agents’ feedback and try to find a solution on how to improve existing systems and how to make a customer’s life easier.


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